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Retro-style action RPG Infernax will launch this Valentine’s Day!

Smash brutal bosses and die a million times this Valentine's Day!

The Arcade Crew just announced this morning that their upcoming retro-inspired action RPG Infernax will release next month.

Developer Berzerk Studio and publisher The Arcade Crew first announced the game in October. Since its reveal, Infernax caught the attention of retro gamers, due largely to its unique 8-bit visuals.

In the game, players take the role of a knight named Alcedor. On his journey, Alcedor discovers that an evil magic cursed his home. Using Alcedor’s signature mace and shield, players must traverse the world to uncover the mystery.

In addition to an old-school level progression system, Infernax also features classic platforming action. In addition, the game emphasizes player choice through its morality system. Along the monster-slaying journey, players will also encounter various choices that allow for a “good” or “evil” path.

Along with the launch date, The Arcade Crew also released a new trailer showcasing additional gameplay and features. Game completionists will perk up at the announcement that Infernax will offer tons of in-game collectables. In addition, the game features a skill tree that allows players to upgrade Alcedor’s strength, health and mana abilities. You can watch the official trailer below.

Infernax Release Date Reveal Trailer

Featuring multiple endings, The Arcade Crew promises the game will have high replayability. Infernax releases Feb. 14 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. You can add the game to your Steam Wishlist now.

Are you excited for Infernax? Let us know below!

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