Relic open to new Warhammer title if Games Workshop allows it

Relic Entertainment has said that it is open to working on future Warhammer titles, if the franchises owner, Games Workshop, allows it.

Following THQ’s bankruptcy earlier this year, Relic was bought by SEGA for $26.6million. Part of the deal secured SEGA with the rights to allow Relic to continue working on the Company of Heroes franchise, with Company of Heroes 2 due out in June.

However, Relic was also well-known for working on the Warhammer franchise of games, including the RTS series Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War and the criminally under-sold Warhammer 40k: Space Marine (seriously, Space Marine is one of the most surprisingly brilliant games I’ve played this generation).

Anyway, in a recent talk with Eurogamer, Relic Entertainment’s Quinn Duffy clarified the situation regarding Warhammer:

“Dawn of War, because it’s a license and it’s owned by Games Workshop, they have the opportunity to work that license with whoever they want. I would hope it would be us again. We had a great working relationship with Games Workshop. Sega is establishing one now with the fantasy license for Creative Assembly.

“There’s a strong possibility we’ll all be working together again on Dawn of War.”

Before THQ’s closure, Relic was planning Dawn of War 3, but the financial failure of its parent company put a stop to any solid development. But, maybe, just maybe, if Games Workshop gives the ‘ok’, we might see a new Warhammer game published by SEGA.

[Source: Eurogamer]


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