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Red Earth producer thinks back on “bridging the gap” between fighting game players

Inspired by RPG and fantasy games, Takashi Sado implemented roleplaying mechanics to this obscure fighting game.

Announced earlier this year, Capcom Fighting Collection compiles ten fighting games from Capcom’s past. One highly-anticipated title is Red Earth, a previously Japanese-exclusive title that’s getting an English release for the first time.

Some developers who worked on the game, which released in 1996, still work at Capcom today. One such person is Takashi Sado, a producer who spoke for PlayStation’s official blog. Andy Wong, Capcom’s senior manager for social media and community, relayed Sado’s thoughts on the game’s difficulty:

Takashi Sado, one of the producers of Red Earth at the time – and still at Capcom – started working on the proposal for Red Earth in the mid-90s. Since fighting games were growing increasingly popular at the time, he followed this trend and initially planned to make Red Earth just a fighting game. However, he was feeling that the skill level between fighting game players was growing where more casual players couldn’t keep up with more top-tier players. In order to bridge this skill gap, his team wondered if they could get creative and compensate for it by changing parameters, equipment, or other facets of the genre.

Andy Wong, Sr. Manager, Social Media and Community at Capcom
Red Earth Screenshot

Takashi Sado on the origins of Red Earth

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is its integration of the core fighting gameplay with RPG mechanics. Your character can level up between fights and carry over stats to the next battle. Sado found this to be a great way to address the skill barrier:

Sado was drawn to fantasy action games such as the Capcom-developed Magic Sword and The King of Dragons. Both of these beat‘em-up games had character progression systems that powered up the player-controlled character. With fantasy games in mind and an urge to address the growing skill gap amongst fighting game players, the unique RPG-like character progression system was created for Red Earth.

Andy Wong, Sr. Manager, Social Media and Community at Capcom

Are you excited to play Red Earth when it launches in the Capcom Fighting Collection? Will this be your first time playing it, or have you given it a spin before? Let us know!

Via PlayStation.Blog.

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