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Quake gets a surprise remaster, released on PS4/Xbox One/Switch

The remaster for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch includes visual enhancements, improved multiplayer, and a new mission pack.

About 25 years ago, id Software released the seminal first-person shooter Quake, one of the first shooters to feature a completely 3D engine. It was a revolutionary FPS at the time, especially impressive since the team previously released two other landmark shooters with Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. It remains a beloved classic today and lives on thanks to its release on Steam.

In a surprise announcement made just in time for QuakeCon, though, Quake is getting a remaster for PC and consoles. The remastered version includes several visual and gameplay enhancements to help the game run smoother on modern platforms. Nightdive Studios, the studio behind the re-release, also confirmed cross-play, updated multiplayer, and an additional episode.

Check out the official trailer for the Quake remaster below, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks:

What does the Quake remaster bring?

To make the remaster look good on modern systems, Quake is now polished with a number of graphical enhancements. In addition to enhanced models and dynamic shadows, Nightdive added motion blur, anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, model interpolation, high resolution, and colored lightmaps. The result is a game that looks just as fantastic as ever, made even prettier for modern monitors and TV screens.

Multiplayer support is tighter now, with a new dedicated online Deathmatch server and local split-screen options for deathmatch and co-op. The remaster features cross-play as well, letting players duke it out across every console. Or for those without a group to jump into the arena with, AI opponents for Deathmatch are now available.

Finally, those who purchase the remaster will gain access to additional content at launch and in the future. In addition to the original campaign, the Scourge of Armagon, Dissolution of Eternity, and Dimension of the Past mission packs are included in the remaster. Surprisingly, another part of the bundle is a brand-new mission pack: Dimension of the Machine — giving players even more reason to return. Bethesda and id Software promise free add-ons in the future, beginning with Quake 64; more details on these releases to come.

Quake Remaster Gameplay

Where can I get it?

Those who already own the Steam port of Quake will automatically receive the remaster via an update; otherwise, you can purchase the remaster on Steam now. The Quake remaster is also available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will launch at a later date.

While this remaster is digital-only, Limited Run Games is preparing a physical collector’s edition for PS4 and Switch. Pre-orders go live on Aug. 27.

Quake is developed by id Software and Nightdive Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is available now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Via Polygon.

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