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PSO2 New Genesis’ content drought finally addressed by SEGA

PSO2 New Genesis by SEGA launched worldwide this past June with an immense revamp to its’ anime-styled graphics and addicting combat, yet its’ fresh coat of paint doesn’t cover the glaring content drought. Fans are already upset about the complaints on the recent Sonic collaboration event. Now a year later from launch, SEGA is finally coming forward to rebuild trust with their fanbase.

Planning and production are already underway for a higher volume of content.”

Hiro Arai

Last week, PSO2 New Genesis‘ Headline Operation Report keynote by SEGA community manager Hiro Arai announced several updates to the game. Arai addressed the questions that fans had for months. One of the prominent issues surfaced as feedback during the QA session: “There is not a lot of playable content. Please update it more frequently, like you did with PSO2.” 

“The dev team also thinks the small range of playable content in PSO2: New Genesis is a big problem,” answers Arai. “They have taken your feedback and will make some significant changes based on that.” Afterward, Arai assured fans that major updates are planned for New Genesis every six months. Each update will traditionally explore new regions and stories for fans to enjoy. The development team hopes this new cycle of patches will fix the content issue. December is the scheduled date for the update.

PSO2: New Genesis had a booming list of players at the beginning of its’ launch. Within a year, it has slowly declined with nothing to reel the player onward. With this new direction, hopefully, SEGA can turn around the player engagement for their servers. 

Via: Kotaku

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