PSO2 collab with Yakuza, Space Channel 5 and others starts today

There goes my paycheck.

PSO2 news incoming! If you enjoy dressing up like your favorite characters in other video games your in luck! Iconic character’s clothing will be available for your Phantasy Star characters starting today! They will be done via lottery using the in game AC Scratch Ticket Collection for a cost of 200 AC each. Real life prices range from $.99 to $99.99 for various amount.

From the announcement you have “a change to obtain an outfit, accessory, or consumable.” So if you have insanely good luck you will need at least 2 tickets. Not only for Ichiban Kasuga’s slick suit from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but you would also need to get his accessory too. In this case his accessory is his beard.

PSO2 add on image

“We at PSO2 Team Global are huge fans of other SEGA games as well. They have given us so many amazing games over the years. We’re excited to have the chance to honor some of their iconic titles through the SEGA Legacy II Scratch Ticket Collection,” shared Fred White from PSO2 Team Global. “We are proud to be part of SEGA’s heritage, alongside unforgettable titles like Yakuza, and we look forward to continuing this legacy”

” Phantasy Star Online 2  Announces SEGA Legacy II Collaboration” – Games Press

Phantasy Star Online 2 was released July 2012 as a Japanese exclusive. It took SEGA 7 years to announce that it was be released for a Western audience. With a few weeks to go until it’s 1 year North American anniversary, we are waiting for another announcement to pop up.

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