PS5 controller adapted for one-handed gaming

A 3D-printed DualSense adaptor now gives more access to people with mobility issues.

The gaming community still has a long way to go with mobility and disability issues. While steps have slowly but surely been taken, some things have yet to be made for disability improvement. However, thanks to a YouTuber, a fan-made PS5 controller adaptor now offers better accessibility to those with mobility issues.

The one-handed PS5 controller

The 3D printed fan-made PS5 controller, created by YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri, snaps right onto a basic DualSense controller. Kuumeri demonstrates the different functions of the adaptor in a video. It includes an attachment that allows the player to move the left thumbstick through a “rubber shoe” by pressing it against any surface.

There are also triggers extending all the buttons from the left side of the DualSense over to the right. Now, all the buttons can be reached with just one hand and a bit of dexterity. The shoulder buttons extend over to the right side, allowing players to hold down L2 and R2 with the same hand. Both of the 3D-printed add-ons can be put on separately. If your game only requires one feature, then swap between the add-ons as needed.

Its design came to be thanks to The Controller Project, a snap-on controller mod contest by PrusiaPrinters. The project’s goal aims to “help people with physical disabilities play games” and offer a library of 3D printed parts that attach to game controllers. Altogether, the contest garnered 123 submissions.

Kuumeri playing a round of Mario Kart with the one-handed adaptor

Download it yourself

What’s great about Kuumeri’s PS5 controller is that he offers a download to 3D-print it yourself. The download page offers information on how to properly assemble it and suggestions on how to best use the device. Overall, it’s great to see the community come together to improve on gaming devices that better suit everyone’s needs. Kuumeri notes he “mostly made this so I can play It Takes Two”. 

If you know anyone with mobility issues or just want to take a look for yourself so you can play some two-player games solo, be sure to check it out.

Via, Kotaku.

Erin Vieira

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