Project Deluge shares latest prototype lots from Xbox and Dreamcast

Project Deluge has done it again! Done what? you say. Released another update to their ever-growing list of previously unlisted or unarchived prototypes for the Xbox and Dreamcast. Why is this newsworthy? Read on.

Project Deluge started earlier this year in March. It’s an ambitious project cataloging items and assets from video games across several platforms. According to their webpage, this is all possible “through the dedication of only one extremely kind individual, who has taken on the herculean task of dumping every single thing in the lot by themselves.”

The game development material is then assessed by Project Deluge’s team of 14 researchers for “playability and integrity on both software (via emulation) and hardware when necessary.” Many of the items come from unreleased games and early builds. The first “lot” numbered over 800 prototype builds for the PlayStation 2. SEGA Saturn and Philips CD-I prototypes are the smallest lots so far, but still valuable to video gaming history.   

What’s new with Project Deluge?

Last week, the team added 349 Microsoft Xbox and 135 Sega Dreamcast prototypes to their catalogue. The list includes Dreamcast titles such as Illbleed, Shadow Man, Test Drive Cycles, Vigilante 8: Second Offense, WWF Attitude and Tony Hawk’s Pro SkaterLaurent from SEGA Dreamcast Info Games Preservation also donated ChuChu Rocket and Sega GT prototypes from 2000.

For the Xbox enthusiast, an unreleased port of American Idol, He-Man: Defender of Grayskull, Myst III and Pac-Man World Rally are among the titles listed.

To date, their total is over 4000 discs and items, each unique and valuable in its own way. Many of these items are in danger of disappearing due to being out of production or simply just deterioration with time. Project Deluge often finds the items on CD-Rs. DVD-Rs and GD-Rs.

Do you want to help out with the project? Create an account on Hidden Palace or The Cutting Room Floor. Stop by their Discord, too. Stay tuned. Project Deluge says there is plenty more to come!

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