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Pokémon Go releasing on Dreamcast VMU next year

pokemon-go-vmuThe Dreamcast homebrew scene never ceases to amaze me. More than 15 years after its release, we’re still getting loads of new games and other fun tools. The latest announcement is that a slimmed-down version of Pokémon Go will release on VMU sometime in 2017.

Noted VMU developer Guacasaurus_mex, who’s previously released Flappy Bird and Street Race on VMU, made the announcement recently on Instagram.

“Coming 2017, because I’m lazy and it’s going to take forever to draw all those damn Pokémon,” he wrote. “Randomly generated map grid in place of GPS functionality and timing based mini game to throw Pokéballs.”

I have to admit, this is some pretty exciting news! What other games do you think would translate well to the VMU?

Chris Powell

Chris is the editor-in-chief of Mega Visions Magazine and the co-creator of SEGA Nerds. He was the former managing editor of Airman magazine and has written for publications like Joystiq, PSP Fanboy, RETRO magazine, among others.
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