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Playing Xbox without the Box just got a lot better

The next generation of consoles has become quite the game of Where’s Wally hasn’t it? Finding one at all is already hard enough; doubly so if you hope to pay the official price. If you happen to be on the Xbox end of that search, then Xbox Game Pass’ cloud streaming may have crossed your mind (It’s certainly crossed ours). The streaming side of Game Pass has come a long way from its mobile rollout last year and thanks to The Verge’s chat with Microsoft, it’s clearly getting better.

The cloud gaming platform has seen a bit of an upgrade, with xCloud now using Series X consoles to fully power the service which will improve framerates and loading times for those using the service. Currently, 1080p and 60 FPS is the highest xCloud is capable of, but with the new upgrades in place perhaps they can offer more in the future.

Microsoft are also working on a dedicated Xbox TV app, with even standalone streaming devices being potential options in the future. It’s clear Microsoft are going above and beyond to ensure Xbox Game Pass can continue its early momentum.

For those with a strong desire to play the new Halo Infinite without the hardware to do so, Or, if you’re like me, and want to play Blinx: The Time sweeper, (great game by the way), it might offer some solace to know you can forgo the hardware for the time being and just enjoy the playing side of next gen without the endless searching that comes before.

Via, Kotaku.

George Boulos

I take immense pride in my ability to vanish on an F1 Grand Prix weekend. Very good at getting invested in dying hardware (Buying a Vita at launch was NOT a mistake). It is also my sworn duty to ensure every person I meet has played Gravity Rush. That includes you, reader, play Gravity Rush, I'll know if you haven't.

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