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Pier Solar HD finished despite failing Microsoft certification

Pier Solar HD is finally finished, and Valve has approved its release on Steam, Watermelon stated in a recent blog post.

Unfortunately, though, when Watermelon submitted it to Microsoft for approval, it “ failed some internal requirements on the certification,” but Watermelon was quick to note the team is already “correcting them for the next submission.”

Here are some of the new locations you’ll experience in Pier Solar HD.

Rather than submit the same code to Nintendo and Sony for approval and it likely failing certification, Watermelon is correcting the problem Microsoft had with the game before they send it back for certification on the Wii U and PlayStation platforms.

Luckily, the process doesn’t take as long as we thought, so the perspectives to getting a release date gets better,” the post continued. “As soon as we’re certified on all platforms we’ll announce the date and put it on the street.”

The post also detailed the new features and content that are added from the original game.

– There are new places to explore, with new bosses and new chests to open.
– Some loose ends got tied. Why is Alina the only elf? Why are our heroes the chosen ones? Why Zelini and Alina don’t get along? Find out all about it on PSHD.
– New ending. In addition to the original Pier Solar ending, a new ending is possible. Maybe a secret ending too? What? Humm. 😉
– New sidequests. Why was that boss at the watermelon farm so rude to the characters on Pier Solar for MD/Genesis? Because he was grumpy that his sidequest was stripped out the game. But now he is happy, his sidequest is back with a vengea… I mean, great reward at the end. How about another sidequest that could possibly trigger a secret ending? Huh? What? Err… Ha!

[Via WaterMelon]

Chris Powell

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