Persona 5 vanishes from PlayStation Plus in May

Spring is all about change, and May seems to be the big month for games. Announced on PlayStation’s blog, Persona 5 is leaving the PS Plus Collection on May 11. That means if you have a PS Plus subscription, you have about a month to grab the latest title in the Persona series before it vanishes.

The turn-based, dungeon crawler hybrid Sim features Joker, a Japanese student going through a year of his life. Realtime events like weather changes and location happening immerses the player into Joker’s world.

Joker and Arsene

Like the games prior to it, the protagonist and others around him, awaken their Personas: physical manifestations of their inner psyches to battle the evil entities called Shadows. Knowns as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, the group transverse the Metaverse, a series of dungeons where people who are corrupted create Palaces. Formed from their desires and inhabited by their Shadows, the Metaverse is not a nice place to vacation. Joker and his companions are the only ones able to steal away the darkness in the hearts of the corrupted and reform Tokyo.

Persona 5 came out in 2016 on the PlayStation 3 and PS4 exclusively. It is the best-selling title of the series so far, selling over 5 million copies worldwide. Winner of multiple awards, it has spun off an enhanced version Royal, and a hack-in-slash game, Strikers. Both games have done incredibly well, with Royal as the third highest-rated game for the PlayStation 4 on Metacritic.

Sony didn’t say why it was removing the game, but players who keep their PS Plus subscription active will continue to have access to the game after its departure.

Will you be grabbing Persona 5 before it leaves? What’s your favorite in the series? Let us know!


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