Nintendo warns fans about a dangerous new scam

The company confirms it will take action against any and all fake websites using Nintendo's likeness.

Nintendo released a statement this morning, warning fans about a new and dangerous scam.

The company states the scam involves a fake website that claims to sell officially licensed Nintendo products at discounted prices. The site also mimic’s Nintendo’s likeness and image by using the company’s branding to appear legitimate. The statement warns consumers not to trust the fake website or give out any personal information.

Nintendo explains that they plan to watch for other similar malicious websites. The company adds that they will take immediate action against any they find. In addition, Nintendo’s statement includes a direct link to the Japanese cybercrimes consultation and the Consumers Affair Agency websites.

Their official statement does not contain any links to the false website in question. However, to ensure fans visit the correct location, Nintendo instead provides a link to their official site.

As of now, it’s unclear whether the fake website was successful in conning consumers. The number of fans whose data was compromised is also unknown. However, Nintendo’s stance to shut the scam down remains firm. Additionally, this situation presents a cautionary reminder to anyone who makes online purchases.

What are your thoughts on the fake website? Let us know below!

Via Siliconera

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