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Nintendo patent will crack down on cheaters with new technology

The new technology will make it harder for hackers to use exploits in online games.

Because of Switch’s ongoing hacker problem, Nintendo revealed it will patent new technology to prevent cheating in online games.

In the company’s official filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Nintendo addresses the prevalence of the problem. Particularly, the company is concerned with users who alter software in ways that give them advantages over other players within online multiplayer. The company further elaborates that when this occurs, it can significantly dampen other players’ enjoyment.

These unfair advantages result in the game being much less satisfying to the user thereby affecting the overall human-user experience and interaction in the game. Moreover, such modifications to the game program create certain security risks for the game system.


Unlike Microsoft and Sony’s latest consoles, Nintendo faces a distinct challenge with the Nintendo Switch. Without proper security previously in place, players found a variety of software exploits to jailbreak Switches. The result led to reports of hackers using unfair methods and cheating to progress in various online Nintendo games.

Currently Nintendo’s method of attestation uses a client-server architecture that transmits the information to the client device. Administrators can then compare the attestation result to an expected result to determine whether a user compromised the game’s coding. However, the problem lies within a hacker’s ability to compromise the hash function in the game, making detection far more complicated.

Nintendo finds a new way to stop cheaters

Nintendo’s proposed solution involves utilizing “code reuse” techniques to automatically generate “attestation programs”. These programs detect modifications to a game’s coding, making it easier for the company to monitor the use of exploits. Ultimately, this will allow Nintendo to more quickly take action against hackers and make it harder for these players to run modified copies of their games.

For now, we don’t know when Nintendo will put the new technology into use or how effective it will be. However, it’s clear the company is determined to resolve the issue so that players can enjoy online games without hackers ruining the fun.

What do you think? Have you dealt with any hackers while playing your Switch online? As always, let us know in the comments!

Via Kotaku

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