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Night Trap 25th Anniversary Developer Interview

The man responsible for the recent Night Trap releases on the PlayStation 4, Vita, Nintendo Switch and PC recently talked about the journey he went through to see the game released once more for longtime fans.

Spencer Pressly, a prominent member of the Vita community, recently interviewed Tyler Hogle of Screaming Villains

Together they discuss the hurdles and craziness Tyler went through remaking Night Trap from the ground up. Spencer asks a lot of great questions as Tyler explains his journey working with Limited Run Games and the strange events of the Vita release.

The portable version initially had a huge bug, recently patched, that stopped players from being able to complete the game. This is worth a listen to anyone interested in the stories of the 25th Anniversary Night Trap release across all the various platforms.

Jason Morris

Arcade enthusiast and part of the Mega Visions Stream Team.
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