New update for Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade adds classic Sonic

Three new Green Hill Zone tracks and new music have also been added!

On October 21, SEGA released a new update for Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade.

Included in the update is the addition of Classic Sonic as a playable racer with his own unique car. In addition, the update includes three new tracks in the Green Hill Zone. The Green Hill Zone also received a brand new piece of Sonic music to jam out to while racing.

Other exciting features in the update include new daily character unlocks and in-game events. The update additionally provides a revamped tutorial and early game experience. SEGA also made the game smoother by tweaking the controls and fixing a number of bugs.

Gameplay from the new update

Sonic Racing originally released on Apple Arcade in 2019 as a mobile port of the console game Team Sonic Racing. The game was part of a deal between SEGA and Apple for the recently formed iOS gaming subscription service. Since its initial launch, SEGA continues to provide updates to the mobile title.

Overall, Sonic Racing plays like a standard kart racer. The game features 16 playable characters from the Sonic universe with their own unique advantages. One feature that helps the game stand apart is the ability to use teamwork to help take out rival racers.

In addition, players can collect wisps that provide various powerups to help gain the lead and keep other racers at bay. The game also features an impressive amount of tracks spread across 5 iconic zones from the Sonic games. Players can also choose to play single-player or race against people around the world in online multiplayer.

Sonic Racing is available as part of Apple Arcade on the App Store. You can play on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

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