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New trademarks suggest more Dark Pictures games are on the way

Supermassive Games appears to have super massive plans for their horror anthology series.

Indie developer Supermassive Games recently filed trademarks for five new titles in their Dark Pictures anthology.

The five titles appeared yesterday on the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Supermassive Games did not confirm any of the titles at this point. However, the move certainly suggests the developers are far from finished with The Dark Pictures.

The official list of trademarked Dark Pictures titles are:

  • The Craven Man
  • O Death
  • Directive 8020
  • Intercession
  • Winterfold

About The Dark Pictures

Supermassive Games’ horror series began in 2019 with The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. The game featured mechanics similar to Supermassive’s other hit title Until Dawn. However, this time around, players could experience the terror with cooperative multiplayer.

Man of Medan follows the story of a group of friends who decide to search for a wrecked WWII ship. The story starts with the friends partying on a dive boat in the South Pacific, excited for the trip of a lifetime. However, after a terrible storm rolls in, the group finds themselves trapped on a ghost ship and experience unimaginable horrors.

Man of Medan trailer

The game received praise from horror fans and critics alike for its unique blend of choice-driven narrative beats and cooperative gameplay. Man of Medan’s success paved the way for later titles in the anthology Little Hope and House of Ashes. Each standalone title follows its own unique horror story while retaining similar gameplay mechanics.

Future Fears: What’s next for The Dark Pictures?

Supermassive Games previously stated it plans to release at least eight entries in the anthology. The next confirmed title is The Devil In Me. The developers first announced the fourth entry last October and described it as the season finale to the anthology. Although a release date hasn’t been confirmed, if the new game follows the precedent of the first three, we may see it this October.

The Devil In Me trailer

After that, it’s unclear where Supermassive plans to take their horror franchise. However, with the slew of new trademarks, we’re likely to see more games in the next few years. For now, players can get caught up with the original trilogy on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited for more entries in The Dark Pictures? Let us know below!

Via Destructoid

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