New Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania trailer shows off classic stages

SEGA has released a new trailer for the upcoming Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania that showcases some more classic levels redone for modern consoles. You can check out the new trailer below!

The trailer shows off classic levels in their new designs such as Jungle Island, Clock Tower Factory, and Dr. Bad-Boon’s Space Colony. It is nice to see the remastering done on these levels considering Banana Mania has already confirmed that it will include worlds from Super Monkey Ball, SMB 2, and SMB Deluxe

The footage also showed off new gameplay from other monkeys MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon! Fans will remember these 4 as the main playable characters in previous games. Honestly, I can keep detailing little stuff but Banana Mania had me sold the minute it was revealed that Monkey Target was coming back! Anyone who owned Super Monkey Ball or Super Monkey Ball 2 has at least one crazy Monkey Target story. Now we get to create even more in the age of Twitch? I’m all in! Target isn’t the only mini-game coming back either. Monkey Baseball, Racing, soccer, and bowling have all been confirmed as well! Newcomers are about to learn what real insanity is when they step in to play against season Monkey Ball players in any of these mini-games at launch.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania launches October 5th, 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Are you excited to see the monkeys return to a new generation? 


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