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New Saints Row trailer reveals most in-depth customization to date

Looks that steal!

Yesterday, Volition and Deep Silver showcased the intricate customization system coming in the Saints Row reboot.

Would it really be a Saints Row game without the ability to wreak havoc in the streets in cheetah print underwear? Exactly! Fortunately for fans, the reboot keeps the tradition alive with a deeper-than-ever customization feature. But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of it, watch the trailer for yourself below!

Saints Row Like a Boss trailer

Breaking down the customization in Saints Row

Starting from the top, like previous entries in the franchise, you’ll have free reign over your character’s appearance. From gender to skin color to the emoji that censors your junk, it’s all there. In fact, this iteration appears to give players even more options to customize The Boss than ever before. Whether you wish to make them look like a purple-haired tin man or your 6th-grade math teacher gone wild, it’s all possible.

I think The Boss needs to get off his high horse. Get it? Yeah, I know I’m lame.

In addition to The Boss’s body and hair, the trailer also showcases the range of customization players have for clothing. Every layer from your socks to your hat is fully customizable. With a large quantity of clothing options, textures and colors to pick from, the Saints Row reboot gives you full freedom to make The Boss’s drip truly unique.

Aside from character customization, the game also grants players full control over how the whip they drive. Swap parts and change the color of everything from your car’s body to the wheels. In addition, you can add custom gameplay modifications to your vehicles, such as a wrecking ball to smash other drivers or an ejector seat to give you some serious air-time.

As an ultra-violent psychotic gang leader, you also need your guns to ooze style too. Therefore, Saints Row has you covered there as well. With custom decals and paint jobs, and the ability to change each individual part of your guns, you can shoot out in style. Want to really get crazy? Try packing your rocket launcher into a guitar case. Now that’s what I call shredding!

Every Boss needs a gang, so the customization doesn’t end on just your character alone. Like previous entries in the franchise, you can once again tie your creative decisions together by fully customizing the style of your entire gang. In addition, as you progress through the game, you can reflect your rise to power in your hideout with fully changeable details. As you build your criminal empire, turn that rundown old church into a castle fit for a kingpin (or queenpin).

Saints Row brings the chaos this August

Saints Row Reboot
Just a group of millennial gangsters chilling along a brick wall

Saints Row launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via The Epic Games Store on August 23, 2022. You can pre-order the new game here on any of the listed platforms.

You can also choose to pre-order four unique editions of the game on the platform you choose. Anyone who pre-orders either the standard digital or physical version of the game will receive the Idols Anarchy Pack. In addition, you can pre-order the Criminal Customs version which gives you a new custom convertible and custom stab jacket.

For diehard Saints Row fans, you may want the Notorious Edition. In addition to the previously mentioned bonuses, this version also comes with the Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle, the Expansion Pass, a Steelbook case and many other cool physical collectibles.

Do you think this is the most detailed customization suite in Saints Row history? As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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