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New Kao the Kangaroo trailer showcases friends & family

Kao springs into action on May 27!

Tate Multimedia released a new trailer for their upcoming game Kao the Kangaroo today. The trailer highlights the cast of characters set to feature in the fun new reboot of the classic Dreamcast platformer. You can check it out for yourself below!

Kao the Kangaroo Friends & Family trailer

The first of Kao’s allies highlighted in the trailer is Walt. In addition to training Kao to fight, Walt also served as a mentor to Kao’s father. Along with Walt, the trailer also showcases Kao’s stern but loving mother Marlene. Lastly, we meet Kao’s best friend Gadget who, as his name suggests, loves to tinker and invent. An official description for the trailer reads as follows:

Kao may be the adventurous, brave type, but that’s only made possible thanks to his friends and family. From loving parents to supportive friends that might have gotten him into some trouble in the past, Kao’s social circle is as solid as his right hook!

Tate Multimedia

About Kao the Kangaroo

Kao’s teaching that barrel who’s boss!

Kao had his first adventure on the SEGA Dreamcast in the year 2000. With four original games and 700,000 units sold worldwide, however, it’s been years since Kao sprung into action. Now, over 20 years since his first adventure, Tate Interactive will reboot the series with Kao’s biggest adventure yet!

The new game promises to deliver beautiful worlds to explore with tons of collectible items. In addition, it will feature fun combat that utilizes Kao’s powerful magic boxing gloves. Throughout the game, you’ll also engage with a fun story, colorful characters and challenging bosses.

Kao the Kangaroo launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on Friday, May 27! The PC version will be available on both Steam and Epic Games Store. You can buy the game digitally for $29.99 or pick up a physical copy for $34.99.

Have you played the original Kao games? Are you excited for the reboot? As always, let us know what you think in the comments!

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