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New Guilty Gear 2020 trailer shows May in action

As revealed in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer, the next installment of Guilty Gear, currently referred to as Guilty Gear 2020, will have some new additions with Sol, Ky and a mysterious dual-bladed swordsman joining its roster.

At CEOTaku 2019, we got to see May in action with some familiar moves, such as her anchor swings and nautical life assists. The trailer also showed off more of the stage transitions that have been previously seen with May using Sol and Ky as punching bags.

The time traveling daredevil, Axl Low joins the roster

Not only was May shown off, but we got a tease of another returning character from previous Guilty Gear installments, Axl Low. Quite obviously a reference to “Guns n’ Roses” ex-front man Axl Rose, Axl Low is a time traveling (not by choice) Brit from 1998, who is desperately trying to find a way to return to his own time and to the love of his life, Megumi. Do not let his previous occupation as a gang leader fool you. Axl Low is quite the optimist and pacifist, but will take up his kusarigama if need be.

New announcement trailers always tend to get a crowd roaring, especially within the Guilty Gear community. As has become accustomed with many video game trailers we see nowadays, the CEOtaku trailer doesn’t give us much information to work with when it comes to Axl. We’re just going to have to wait until Sea Major 2019 to see more game play and possibly another roster entry.

Guilty Gear 2020 is developed by Arc System Works and will be published on the PlayStation 4 with a 2020 release.

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