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New Alan Wake 2 gameplay clip explores the Mind Place

Dive into the Mind Place with Saga Anderson to uncover the mystery of Alan Wake 2.

There’s plenty of places to explore in Remedy Entertainment’s games. From the tranquil and mysterious forests of the Pacific Northwest to the cold and corporate halls of the Bureau, all their settings are unique and engrossing. And in the upcoming Alan Wake 2, you’ll be able to take a tour into a new setting called the Mind Place.

With a new gameplay clip released by Remedy, we see new player character Saga Anderson retreat into her own mind. Inside the Mind Place, she’s organized all the facts of the case in a detective-style corkboard. You’ll use this to connect pieces of evidence together to find out the next objective. Much like L.A. Noire and Ace Attorney, this is where you can organize your thoughts and uncover new leads.

See that clip here, courtesy of Remedy Entertainment on YouTube.

Explore the depths of Saga’s mind to analyze clues and uncover the mysteries.

What we know about the Mind Place in Alan Wake 2

Inside the world of Alan Wake, the Mind Place is a metaphysical representation of Saga Anderson’s mind. It’s where the player can retreat from the action in order to catch their breath or find new information. In the gameplay clip, we see Saga Anderson connecting a piece of evidence to a burning question inside the Mind Place. Back in the real world, Saga gets an inkling of where to go next from the evidence she’s just reviewed.

You can activate the Mind Place at any time during gameplay. It almost acts like a main menu, allowing you to review all the details you’ve gathered so far and take a break from the gameplay. If you’re stuck without a clue where to go next, heading to the Mind Place to reveal new leads or evidence can help clear up the path forward.

It makes you feel like a real detective, which makes sense, given that Saga is an FBI agent on the hunt for a serial killing cult. Between this and the long-standing mysteries of the Alan Wake series, it gives fans plenty of story details to chew on.

So far, we’ve only seen a brief glimpse of the Mind Place in Alan Wake 2. We don’t know the full extent of the setting’s features and what you can accomplish inside. More to the point, we don’t know if Alan Wake has a version of the Mind Place. Considering his place in the story, it’ll likely be far more disorganized and terrifying if it exists.

Dive back into the Pacific Northwest this October

Alan Wake 2 Digital Only
Alan’s had a rough 13 years. Help him reclaim his sanity this October.

Alan Wake 2 is developed by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing. It will launch for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Epic Games Store on October 17, 2023. As of now, the game will be a digital exclusive. There are no plans for a physical disc version at this time.

There will be a standard edition of the game and a deluxe version. The deluxe version includes an expansion pass that features the Night Springs and Lake House story expansions. You also get the Nordic Shotgun Skin, Crimson Windbreaker, and Lantern for Saga, and the Parliament Shotgun Skin and Celebrity Suit for Alan. If you pre-order the game, you’ll gain access to the Ornate Revolver Skin for Alan and Survival Resources Pack for Saga.

The standard edition will cost $49.99 USD on PC, and $59.99 USD on consoles. The deluxe edition costs $69.99 USD on PC and $79.99 on consoles. 

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