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Multiple Silent Hill games may be in development

A Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team may be in the works, alongside other projects.

News about the future of Silent Hill has been inconsistent, to say the least. Fans are still upset over the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, and no new game has been announced for the series yet. But if the latest rumors on the grapevine are true, there’s a litany of Silent Hill games on the horizon.

Sources told Video Games Chronicle that multiple Silent Hill games are currently in development at various studios. The supposed new titles include a remake of Silent Hill 2 developed by Bloober Team, an episodic game of “short stories” developed by Annapurna Interactive, and a new mainline Silent Hill game with an unconfirmed developer.

Konami hasn’t officially confirmed that any new games are in development yet. But they have taken down alleged screenshots from one of the upcoming projects after they were (supposedly) leaked online. That, plus the word of a few games industry insiders, lends credence to the possibility.

Silent Hill Rumored Games Screenshot

The rumored Silent Hill games: what we know so far

Bloober Team is rumored to be working with Konami on an expanded remake of the seminal horror classic Silent Hill 2. The company previously released The Medium, a horror game very much inspired by the feeling of Silent Hill — so it’s an apt choice for tackling the project. We know that Konami and Bloober entered a “strategic partnership” last year, giving this supposed remake a high probability.

The other games also have some evidence that supports their legitimacy. Konami recently took down leaked screenshots from a supposed in-development Silent Hill project. It’s the strongest evidence that these Silent Hill games are real projects. Of course, until Konami confirms these rumors, take all of this with a grain of salt. And in fairness, Silent Hill fans know the feeling of disappointment all too well.

Which of these rumored Silent Hill games do you want to play the most? Let us know!

Via Video Games Chronicle.

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