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moon: Remix RPG Adventure comes to PlayStation on Dec. 16

It’s always a treat to hear of a retro game getting a remaster. This is especially true if the game has not had a previous world-wide release. And if you’re shopping for something old, but new, to add to your collection, look no further than Onion Games’ moon: Remix RPG Adventure. The 1997 PlayStation Japanese exclusive, originally from developer Love-de-Lic will be heading to PS4 and PS5 on Dec. 16. After its successful release on the Nintendo Switch last year, the developers decided to expand its reach. 

Moon’s story takes place as a game within a game and turns the usual tropes on their heads. The main character, a young boy, pulled into a new game, must save the souls of innocent monsters slain by the Moon-World‘s “hero.”  In moon‘s immersive world, the player meets all sorts of characters, as they go about their day-to-day activities: fishing, working and even late-night secret hobbies, in real-time. 

Credit: Onion Games

According to the official website, it looks at such questions as “why does the ‘hero’ kill thousands of innocent monsters?” and “why does the ‘hero’ break into homes and steal their items and gold?” It has become a popular premise in recent years. Such themes are highlighted in anime like .hack// and Sword Art Online series. Toby Fox also credits moon: Remix RPG Adventure as the inspiration for Undertale, an indie darling.  

The idea of a non-combat gameplay, where love and kindness are the only ways to win, certainly is unique and could be a welcome break from over-the-top violence only solutions.  

moon: Remix RPG Adventure is available for purchased on Switch for $18.99 and wish listed for PlayStation right now. A PC edition, through Steam, is in the works as with, with a release date TBA. 


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