Microsoft developer assaults son for refusing to stop playing Nintendo Switch

“I will stop him breathing,” Microsoft developer screamed at his young son as he choked him.

One of Microsoft’s senior developers recently pleaded guilty for assaulting his 7 year-old son. After his son refused to stop playing his Nintendo Switch, Microsoft developer Nicholas Lester reportedly lost his temper and began to choke up. Now, his job at Microsoft also hangs in the balance.

Microsoft developer assault son

The attack took place last year in their West Melbourne home on February 6, 2021. His son, 7 at the time, refused to stop playing his Nintendo Switch when told to. Rather than approaching the situation constructively, Lester lashed out and began abusing his son by putting him in a headlock. The mother and son heard Lester shouting “I will stop him breathing” as he choked his son. The boy began screaming for his mother, who witnessed the assault upon arriving in the bedroom.

In the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Monday the 21st, the court learned Lester has a history of violence with his partner, now estranger. The abuse reportedly happened because of disagreements over parenting their son. Magistrate Caroline Boult condemned Lester for his actions in a statement:

“Your seven-year old son was effectively using his will against yours.

In response you placed (him) in a headlock and were heard to be saying words to the effect “I’ll stop you breathing”. Your actions on this occasion raised the alarm of three independent witnesses who felt so concerned about what they had heard that police were called.

Children act up, play up, resist reasonable authority – that’s what children do. That’s what they will continue to do

As a parent it is your responsibility to never resort to an act of family violence. The buck stops with you. There is never an excuse for family violence and the court expects that you make choices that will keep your family safe no matter how angry you feel or what the circumstances are.”

Microsoft developer Nicholas Lester and his son
Microsoft developer Nicholas Lester (right) and his son (left, blurred)

Nicholas Lester’s conviction

While the boy refused to give the court an impact statement, Magistrate Boult believed the boy experienced terror after his father’s abuse. Though Nicholas Lester was found guilty, it was not recorded as a conviction due to his past history of depression and how he’s working to improve that. However, the court required Lester perform 100 hours of unpaid work as a result.

After the assault, Lester’s job with Microsoft is on the line with the truth coming to light. I full-heartedly support Microsoft firing someone for committing such terrible actions against such a young boy. We can only hope the boy and his mother are now safe and won’t suffer further abuse from Lester again.

Via, Nintendolife.

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