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Marathon Hype: Why Start with Sonic Adventure?

Every year I tell people we begin the insanity of the Dreamcast Dreamless 24-Hour Marathon with Sonic Adventure, and every year I’m happy to explain why we do. What other game was plastering the covers of magazine leading up to 9/9/99? What other game threw colorful characters in your face in every game store or toy store? What other game chased you with a killer whale dead-set on destroying that pier? All together now! Sonic Adventure!

Despite not aging very gracefully (insert joke about the in-game camera), Sonic Adventure was the game with which most people began their 128-bit journey. I can say for myself that the only two games I had at the Dreamcast launch were Sonic Adventure and arguably Chao Adventure. Yeah I said it! I couldn’t have been the only one deep into that Tamagotchi fad at the time, right? What probably helped were my nearby friends who were VMU-ready to battle Chao’s when we were told to “play outside.”

Kicking things off on 9/7/19 at 7:00AM EST, will be Sonic Adventure as always, and I couldn’t be more pumped! The game lends itself well as a springboard to the festivities as we pass the controller around to get the blood flowing. We will be streaming on Twitch to raise money for Extra Life! Follow the links below the flyer for more info!


Been playing Sega forever with a few of his favorites including Sonic 3, Saturn Bomberman, and Zero Tolerance. Scotty has written about Sega and hosted Sega-themed podcasts the better part of the last decade and can sometimes be seen on stage behind a drum kit.
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