LINE: Monster Rancher announced on iOS and Android

The legendary Monster Rancher will now be available as a completely new smartphone game!

Monster Rancher, the cute monster life-simulation game, receives another game in its franchise. In a collaboration between LINE Corporation and Koei Tecmo, LINE: Monster Rancher releases for iOS and Android devices.

LINE: Monster Rancher

If you haven’t heard of the Monster Rancher series before, a lot of people compare it to Pokémon. However, Monster Rancher focuses on different aspects than Pokémon does as a life-simulation game. Instead, the game centers on breeding the monsters to then raise them for fighting tournaments. To make happy monsters, players must take care of them through training, exercising, and maxing its abilities.

Game features in LINE: Monster Rancher:

  • The Monster Breeding of the Past Returns – Train and strengthen various unique monsters as a new breeder, then aim for victory in tournaments. Pamper your monsters too much and they may fall behind in training—but push them too hard and they may run away! As a breeder, enjoy breeding monsters in your own way while understanding their aptitude and condition.
  • Your Favorite Monsters Reborn in the Latest Graphics – Train and battle monsters from Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2, reborn in the latest graphics. New monsters unique to LINE: Monster Rancher will also appear.
  • Unique New Features – Various new features have been added, such as the ability to send the monsters you breed on expeditions to various locations, as well as form teams of multiple monsters to compete in ranked breeder battles.
  • New Monster Generation Methods – Create monsters in a new generation method unique to LINE. More details will be announced at a later date.

When does the game release?

LINE: Monster Rancher releases sometime during 2022 in Japan on iOs and Android. No specific date has been given yet except for letting us know it’ll be out this year. Fans of the prior Monster Rancher games should look forward to this one as it brings back some old favorite monsters to modern gameplay. Check out the official website for more details.

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