Lavair & SEGA Team Up For Mega Drive Themed Merch

Mega Drive merch is hardly rare, but what is less common is Mega Drive merch from a fashion brand. Enter Lavair, known for their quality head and footwear, who’ve partnered with SEGA to make exactly that after recently teasing the partnership.

The four piece collection comes in two different styles, the “EXO SEGA MEGA DRIVE ANALOG,” featuring a vibrant look, and the “EXO SEGA MEGA DRIVE MONO,” for those who’d prefer something more understated. The shoes themselves come in UK sizes 6-12.

But how much do they cost? Well the shoes come in at £200 (roughly $270 USD), and the cap is £50 (~$70) so not exactly cheap. This is a designer brand though, so if you have the cash to spare then it’ll hopefully be worth the money.

The collection will be available for purchase starting July 23rd exclusively from Lavair’s official store.

Will you be picking it up? Let us know down below.

Via, Lavair.

George Boulos

I take immense pride in my ability to vanish on an F1 Grand Prix weekend. Very good at getting invested in dying hardware (Buying a Vita at launch was NOT a mistake). It is also my sworn duty to ensure every person I meet has played Gravity Rush. That includes you, reader, play Gravity Rush, I'll know if you haven't.

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