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Insomniac announces a Wolverine game at the PlayStation Showcase

Insomniac proved they're the best at what they do with Spider-Man. Fans are excited to see what they do with Logan.

Insomniac, the developers behind Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, announced their next Marvel project yesterday at the PlayStation Showcase. Their new title will focus on Weapon X himself, Wolverine.

Marvel’s Wolverine Announcement Teaser

Although the trailer is less than a minute long, there is still much to unpackage. The video starts with a slow pan inside a wrecked bar. Various damaged items are scattered amongst a slew of bodies as an old song plays on the juke box. The camera then cuts to a shot behind Logan sitting alone at the bar.

A closeup of Wolverine putting his glass down shows his rough hands, bruised and bloodied from the implied brawl. From behind, a man stands up and carries a knife towards Wolverine. In response, Logan’s adamantium claws pop out, and we can only imagine what happens next. The video then cuts to black and displays the title Marvel’s Wolverine.

One thing worth highlighting from this announcement is the dark and gritty tone displayed that helps differentiate this title from Insomniac’s other popular Marvel game. The dark vibe of the trailer does a great job capturing Logan’s equally violent and somber natures.

Predictions and Speculation on the Wolverine game

Because of Insomniac’s track record of telling emotional stories centered around Marvel heroes, the character Wolverine makes the perfect addition to their catalogue. Although this trailer revealed nothing about the story, I believe it did a great job of capturing the tone players can expect. Wherever the story goes, players will likely get to experience multiple sides of the character.

Another question yet to be answered is whether Wolverine will have an open world like Spider-Man. Though Logan doesn’t have the unique ability to swing from webs, he does have some serious agility that could make for some awesome parkour traversal. In addition, his affinity for motorcycles means that Insomniac could implement vehicle mechanics as well. Just imagine performing the iconic 180 degree motorcycle turn with Wolverine’s claws.

Screenshot from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Another question is whether the game will be rated “M for Mature” or “T for Teen.” Arguably the most beloved game featuring Wolverine was the M-Rated movie tie-in game X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In a rare example of a movie tie-in not only being good, but actually better than the film it was based on, this hack-and-slash game saw players control Wolverine in all his violent, bloody glory.

As of now, not much information about the game is available. However, it is confirmed that, like Spider-Man, the Wolverine game will be a PlayStation exclusive. There is currently no release window at this time.

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