Hideo Kojima receives Japan’s prestigious cultural award

Hideo Kojima continues to inspire us with his expressive works as he’s rewarded with Japan’s most prestigious cultural prize.

Well-known Japanese video game designer, producer, director, and writer Hideo Kojima continues to make a strong legacy. With games like the Metal Gear series and his latest, Death Stranding, he continues to put out impactful and interesting games. Thanks to his strong work, Japan awarded Kojima with the 72nd annual Japanese Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in the Media Arts category.

Hideo Kojima’s award

Japan’s Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts award is one of the most prestigious in its field; it’s meant for people who “made outstanding achievements in each field of art or who have opened up a new frontier.” On March 15, 2022, this award was given to Hideo Kojima. He thanked the Government of Japan and all his fans for the award in a tweet.

At the award ceremony held in Tokyo, Kojima wore anti-war cufflinks, Homo Ludens pin, and a matching necktie. Additionally, he added onto his gratitude with a statement about how proud he is of how far video games as a medium have come:

“I am very happy that the immature medium of games has been highly evaluated as a cultural art form of “expression”. I will continue to devote myself to the creation of digital entertainment. Thank you very much for your continued support.”

Additionally, Kojima is one of two game creators to have received this award. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto received it back in 2010. Kojima’s career began back in 1986 when he worked for Konami. His first title was action-adventure platformer Penguin Adventure. What really brought him into the spotlight, though, was Metal Gear. Since then, Kojima split from Konami, making Kojima Productions an independent studio.

36 years of greatness

No one deserves an award of this honor like Hideo Kojima does. As always, I look forward to seeing the great projects he has to put out moving forward. With Kojima Productions standing on its own, his unfiltered creativity and freedom will surely surprise us all. And with that outfit, he looks great while doing it!

Via, PCGamer.

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