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Guilty Gear 2020 and Granblue Fantasy Versus partner with SEGA

It was announced earlier today that the newly anticipated Guilty Gear title (currently being called Guilty Gear 2020) and Granblue Fantasy Versus will be part of SEGA’s Partnership Lineup.

We got our first taste of these games when Granblue Fantasy Versus was revealed at E3 2019 and Guilty Gear 2020 at EVO 2019. Audience reactions to these announcements were understandably positive, and rightfully so.

Both games feature the stunning art style of cel-shaded 3D models on 2D planes, but it appears that Guilty Gear 2020 might incorporate the stage transitions that we’ve seen in the Injustice and Tekken series, but more information will be needed to confirm this.

If you’re as excited about these games as we are and want more information, have no fear! We’ll get to satiate our anime thirst with a stage show, photos, and video showcases for both games at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Guilty Gear 2020 and Granblue Fantasy Versus are part of the “anime fighter” genre and are developed by Arc System Works.

Via Anime FGC News.

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