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Gotham Knights announces gameplay trailer, prices and cancellations

Get your wallets ready, gamers. Warner Bros. Games came out this week with several announcements regarding Gotham Knights, including the price tag for the three versions. Let’s return to the dingy, dark streets of Gotham with this update of everything we know.

Gotham Knights will continue to be open world with drop in co-op for up to two players, despite some rumors that it will be opening to four players, at least for now. Players can choose between the four main characters: Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin.

Two are better than one?

Our first real look at how the duo system works was provided in a gameplay trailer, packed full of bang. In it, we get to see how Red Hood and Nightwing function as a team. Each character has their own skill sets, including their modes of travel. For Nightwing, it’s his gorgeously designed glider, The Flying Trapeze. Red Hood pulls from some of his more obscure lore and gives him the ability to use his soul energy and create Mystical Leap to move about Gotham.

As previously speculated, Nightwing’s strengths lean towards melee and hand to hand combat. Flipping and diving allows him to take down his foes with ease. Red Hood showed off his gunslinger and gut punch skills, using “non-lethal” bullets. You can laugh… we all do. He’s even equipped with armor-piercing rounds. So, I’m not sure how those big guys survive after a few hits, or an empty clip.

Red Hood brandishes his “non-lethal guns” in gunslinger mode.

Together, Nightwing and Red Hood are a powerful duo with combat functions that require both of them when in play. Again, this is not a necessity to play the game, merely an alternative. Players can customize the UI to fit their own playstyle.

The Belfry serves as the center of operations, including where the Knights pick up their missions and craft or upgrade their costumes and equipment. The crafting system involved blueprints and materials the player finds during missions. Each character has perks that suit their specific skills. And mod slots power up those skills.

We also got a sneak peek at the Batcycle and its versatility in maneuvering the streets of Gotham. It appears to drive smoothly, enabling all of the Knights to catch up to their foes, or escape when needed.

The Batcycle is a fast mode of transportation around Gotham for each Knight.

A costly investment

Along with the gameplay trailer, which has even more goodies that discussed here, Warner Bros revealed how much the game will cost, depending on the version. Gotham Knights Standard Edition, that is only the base game, will retail for $69.99 USD. The Deluxe Edition includes the Visionary Pack DCL with exclusive gear, cosmetics and character skins sits at $89.99 USD. And the big fish- The Gotham Knights Collector’s Edition adds in an AR pin, 16-page media book, exclusive map, and a four-character statue, for a whopping $299.99 USD.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros has also decided to cancel the PS4 and Xbox One versions, making the game exclusive to new gen. consoles and PC only. Pre-orders are open now on Steam, the Epic Game Store, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store for the Standard and Deluxe editions, while the Collector’s Edition must be ordered from Best Buy or GameStop. Every pre-order will get an exclusive 233 Kustom Batcycle skin.

Gotham Knights is set to release on October 25, 2022.

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