Glory Hunters, the Game Boy RPG on Kickstarter

Welcome to the land where everybody seeks glory!

Remember the good times playing on your Game Boy? It could go virtually anywhere and was practically indestructible. Now, indie game developer César Arminio and publisher BitMap Soft bring an all new option to the Game Boy with a Kickstarter of the unique action-adventure RPG Glory Hunters.

Glory Hunters: A unique Game Boy action-adventure

Long ago, war between the gods broke out and their descendants went to conquer the world. Facing the danger, heroes rose up and began legends through their glorious feats. After the gods decided to rest, giving the land peace, they “merged as a single voice, leaving their bodies behind as empty vessels.” In the present, heroes seek out these vessels in times of need for their quests with the label of “Glory Hunters.” But recently…

Fire has lit the sky, announcing the last days of the world. A massive object is about to strike the earth when you hear: “Rise, hunter… Wake up one of our vessels so we can stop the impending doom…”

The heroes from the game.

Glory Hunters uses a currency called “glory points,” which help the player progress in the world. Many “glorious deeds” help the player gather these points by aiding townsfolk, dungeon delving, and gathering materials.

Gameplay from Glory Hunters includes fighting and gathering materials.

Game features:

  • Glory awaits everywhere!: Players can play the game how they please, whether it be the more pacifist route of gathering and puzzle-solving or fighting through dungeons to defeat evil.
  • A world full of life: As you venture into the open world, the game allows the player to choose which of the four gods they want to awaken as they uncover secrets of the past.
  • An adventure that will last forever: Play in an entirely different way as you revisit old places and awaken different gods—though you can awaken all four gods in a single run.
  • A nostalgic trip: Using the retro sounds and graphics of the Game Boy, either play the game on a GameBoy console or use an emulator.

Game mechanics:

  • Armor upgrades. Increase your defense or your movement speed.
  • Health points
  • Bag storage
  • Items / Items upgrades
  • Quest companions. Hire NPCs to join the caravan and have quick access to them.
  • Access new zones. Pay the toll to discover new places.
  • Minigames. Some minigames may require glory points to play them.

Pledge now!

Players can currently access a demo of Glory Hunters on to play through Chapter 1 on their smartphone or PC. With 20+ hours of gameplay, players have a lot of time to really enjoy their experience in this new RPG. But this game won’t happen without your help. Currently, the Kickstarter has $25,791 pledged of the $40,126. There are still 42 days left of the project, so be sure to support it while you can and make sure this glorious game comes to life!

Erin Vieira

Writer, artist, cosplayer, D&D player, Final Fantasy lover, and Bayonetta enthusiast Erin Vieira says that although they were born amongst mortals, someday they will exist as an unknown entity of the void. There will still be video games there, of course.
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