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Get some SEGA style this Christmas with accessories from Numskull

You ready to fill your Christmas stockings with some SEGA goodness? Well looks like those fine people at Numskull might have just made some merchandise to go on your list of presents.

You might have already heard of Numskull or, at least, some of the products they sell – such as the awesome SEGA console notebooks, Sonic the Hedgehog socks and exquisite Sonic Christmas jumper we previously covered on the site.

Well, now the company is expanding on its list of SEGA products, with some new accessories that should make any die-hard SEGA Nerd’s Christmas a little more complete.

The new accessories in the range include: the Mega Drive Console Wallet and Controller Wallet, Mega Drive Cufflinks, Mega Drive Key Ring and Master System Key Ring.

Numskull merch

Judging on previous products from the company, these items look to be just as high-quality in design.

We hope to get our grubby mitts on some of these items ourselves, so we should be able to give you a full review on the accessories very soon.

But if you can’t wait and you’re looking to add to your collection now, then check out their products, available through YellowBulldog, here.

For more information about Numskull, check out their site.

[Source: Numskull PR]


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