Former Sony CEO says Nintendo and SEGA “were never competitors”

Best pals

From the outside looking in, everyone will scratch their heads when seeing this. Sony CEO Ken Kutaragi claims that when the Sony PlayStation was released, they were not competing with Nintendo and SEGA.

When the PlayStation was released it was against the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Saturn. In the life time of the consoles, PlayStation outsold both Nintendo and SEGA combined.

“Prior to PlayStation, I worked on Super Famicom with Nintendo, and I liked Mr. Uemura very much and his team very much, I was often with them and got along with them. But from the outside, we were regarded to be fighting. We were not fighting at all. “I’ve been asked only such kind of questions, ‘Is [PlayStation’s] competitor SEGA or Nintendo?’ they asked me, but we’d never thought who the competitor was because we were all workmates. However, people outside didn’t think so … they didn’t know the truth …They made our industry liven up.”

Ken Kutaragi says Nintendo and Sega ‘were never competitors’ (

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