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Fans recreate Castlevania Dracula X Rondo of Blood for the Genesis

Well, this is something that belongs in this world, unlike Dracula. (I do not apologize for that nerdy Dad joke at all.) Twitter user Master Linkuei (P.H.G.F.) (@masterlinkueibr) has posted a demo of Castlevania Dracula X Rondo of Blood for SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis.

You can check out the announcement tweet below that includes a link to download the demo!

Linkuei has been working on the demo as a programmer along with GFX done by @ReySilveira28@days_danilo working on art, and silverRIFF working on a new remix of “Bloodlines” for the game. The team also put out a video on Youtube showing off the demo in action. You can check that out below! 

You can tell from every element of the demo this is a labor of love by the team. The pixel work is nearly identical to the Turbo CD version of the original game. At the same time, it also looks like it could be right next to Castlevania Bloodlines. That is extremely hard to pull off even with today’s technology.

The remix of “Bloodlines” using the Genesis sound capabilities has a great feel of its own as well. I really hope the team gets to go forward and remake the whole game in the idea of what it would look like on the Genesis. I’m now curious to see more pixel work and remixes. Especially some of the wild bosses that you eventually encounter in Castlevania Dracula X Rondo Of Blood

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