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Fans have created a MultiVersus moveset for Daffy Duck

An animator working at Playtonic Games developed custom MultiVersus animations for Daffy Duck in their spare time.

The Warner Bros. platform fighter Multiversus launched in open beta just a little while ago. We here at Mega Visions have had a blast giving it a try, and its initial roster is a great selection of fighters. One character that’s notably missing from MultiVersus, though, is Looney Tunes’ resident angry bird Daffy Duck.

WB Games hasn’t announced Daffy for the game yet, but that hasn’t stopped resourceful fans from putting their own input into how he’d play. Jordan Rutter, a junior animator at Playtonic Games, developed their own animations for Daffy based on a moveset of their own design. Taking input from fans, Rutter made something that truly does look like it belongs in the game.

See one of the animations below, courtesy of Jordan Rutter on Twitter.

Daffy in MultiVersus, courtesy of the fans

Rutter’s animations match the MultiVersus style perfectly, almost as if it’s actual work-in-progress content for the game. They even had to clarify that these animations are not leaks — a testament to Rutter’s talent. It’s also inspired others to make their own custom content, such as a character card by Dylan Micheli.

And the greatest part about this whole thing? Tony Huynh, the co-founder of Player First Games and director of MultiVersus, has shared Rutter’s work on his own Twitter account. Huynh has been very involved with the community following the beta’s release, so this isn’t a surprise.

Although this doesn’t confirm Daffy will be added officially (or that Rutter’s animations and moveset will be considered if he is), it’s an indication that the team at Player First Games is aware of fan demand for everyone’s favorite high-strung duck. And if a recent leaked roster is to be believed, he’ll be available before long.

Have you been playing the MultiVersus open beta? Do you hope Daffy gets added to the game? Let us know!

Via VG247.

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