Fan translates SEGA Saturn game Yumimi Mix Remix to English

An underrated retro Japanese gem receives full English subtitles!

On Tuesday, Game Vecanti shared on Twitter that one dedicated fan recently created an English translation for Yumimi Mix Remix.

The translation’s creator, a SEGA Xtreme forum user named Supper, provides further details about the translation in the forum. Supper elaborates that the task proved monumental as a result of the Japanese title featuring no subtitles. In addition, the translator proved unable to find anyone to partner with in the process. Therefore, Supper’s multi-year effort of learning the Japanese language finally culminated in a successful effort.

Another challenging factor involved the technical limitations of the hardware. Supper initially started the venture with the hope of translating the game’s original Mega-CD version. However, technical limitations ultimately led the creator down the path of translating the SEGA Saturn port instead.

I eventually reached the point where I felt I was capable of handling it myself. So I did! I also moved the project to the Saturn version, since it removed almost all limiting technical factors from the equation. All in all, it was a whole lot of work, but I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.


In addition to Supper’s explanation of the work, the user also posted a video that showcases the project. The Yumimi Mix Remix translation video highlights the start of the game, and shows the end result of Supper’s English translation. You can watch it for yourself below.

Yumimi Mix Remix translation

About Yumimi Mix Remix

Yumimi Mix Remix is a more obscure Mega-CD (SEGA-CD) title by Game Arts. For those unfamiliar with the title, Yumimi Mix is an adventure game that plays like an interactive anime. The developers worked with popular shoujo manga artist Izumi Takemoto to create the beautifully animated title.

Thanks to Takemoto’s art, the game shines as an underrated visual masterpiece on the Mega-CD console. The “multiple-choice anime” is also fully voice-acted and includes no text outside of menus. However, since the original game only includes Japanese, the language barrier prior to Supper’s translation limits the title’s accessibility.

While Yumimi Mix Remix originally debuted for Mega-CD, the game received a later port for the Saturn. However, it’s worth noting that the Saturn port does not feature any significant technical or graphical upgrades compared to its CD counterpart.

Supper’s English translation for the SEGA Saturn port of Yumimi Mix Remix is available to download now. Additionally, you can also view the source code on Supper’s GitHub. One final note is that Supper only tested the translation on an emulator, so the user is not sure whether it works on real Saturn hardware. However, you’re certainly encouraged to give it a try!

What do you think of Supper’s hard work? Have you played Yumimi Mix Remix before? Do you plan to try out the translated version? As always, let us know what you think down below!

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