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Exoprimal is an upcoming co-op shooter where you fight dinosaurs

Today's forecast is cloudy with a chance of raptors!

You know the expression, “it’s raining cats and dogs”? Well, throw that out the window because the forecast now calls for it to rain dinosaurs!

At this week’s State of Play event, Capcom announced its upcoming game Exoprimal. Set in the year 2043, the cooperative shooter lets you and your friends dawn metal Exosuits as you fight to take out hordes of dinosaurs that rain from the sky.

Exoprimal reveal trailer

The reveal trailer shows off a mixture of gameplay and cinematics to give you an idea of what to expect from Capcom’s newest title. The trailer starts with Ivy the android welcoming the viewers in before calmly declaring that a dinosaur outbreak is incoming. The Exofighters then suit up, and an action-packed battle ensues.

Exoprimal gameplay details

In a PlayStation blog post, Capcom’s Kellen Haney provides additional information on the new game. While the trailer highlights chaotic action, Haney highlights Exoprimal’s focus on strategy and teamwork. Players will need to strategically coordinate the suits they choose to wear in order to survive. That’s because each Exosuit features its own unique abilities.

Exoprimal is focused around multiplayer co-op gameplay, with each Exosuit having a clearly defined role. Take the aptly-named Roadblock Exosuit – not only is its massive frame built like a tank, but the Roadblock’s shield can hold off hundreds of raptors to protect their comrades.

Kellen Haney
A look at some of the Exosuits

Haney further elaborates that players will often need to change up their strategies mid-game. As a result, players will have the ability to change their Exosuits at anytime during a mission. This allows additional fluidity and flexibility to matches by emphasizing real-time combat strategy.

Players can change their Exosuit at any time during a mission, allowing teams to adjust their composition on the fly or shake things up if their current approach isn’t working. Feeling overwhelmed and need more firepower? Try changing to a different Exosuit!

Kellen Haney

Exoprimal will launch in 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Are you excited to blast your way through swarms of prehistoric beasts with your friends? As always, share your thoughts down in the comments!

Via The Verge

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