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Everything we know about Minecraft Legends

Can you save the world of Minecraft from the nefarious piglin armies?

Minecraft. A silly little block game that first graced the internet in 2009 that has since become a superstar in gaming culture in the following years. What can best be described as Legos but better has had dozens of updates since it’s official release in 2011. Years later in 2020 Gamers were graced with Minecraft Dungeons, A Diablo-esque Dungeon Crawler with vibrant worlds, enemies, weapons and outfits. And now just around the corner we have Minecraft Legends.

What will this entry to the franchise bring? What else can you expect from a world made of blocks? Developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, Here is everything we know about Minecraft Legends.

An Oveworld Reforged

The official announcement trailer for Minecraft Legends dropped on July 2022. The vibrant cinematic showed and invading Legion of Piglins, corrupting the land from the portal. You are tasked with uniting the Overworld and fighting back against the piglin armies. The trailer shows off some very interesting mechanics that have not been implemented into the base game. To start it appears to be a real-time-strategy Style game, were you amass units and build a base. There is mounted combat, something akin to maybe Dynasty Warriors. And it shows you actually attacking piglin bases, lending a more action-oriented Design rather than pure strategy.

Since the initial announcement trailer, multiple videos and articles have come showing what you can expect in Minecraft Legends. In the Overworld you will be able to explore and gather units to help you for your cause. In a mechanic somewhat similar to Pikmin you can get close to various types of creature and attempt to rally them to your banner. They will then follow you around until you give them further orders. You can command your allay companions to also gather resources for you, or use the materials you’ve collected to build structures for you.

A Utopia Under Siege

The world war of Minecraft Legends is extremely beautifully rendered, and from what gameplay footage we’ve seen there is actually functionality as well as design. Being able to pass through certain types of foliage will have movement effects on your character, allowing you to Traverse the Overworld in various ways. And keeping in the spirit of Minecraft, the worlds are randomly generated. Which, to me is just amazing.

More than just rallying the wildlife to your cause, you will also be able to construct spawners for specific mobs. At the cost of resources you’ll be able to spawn well-known creatures such as the creeper or skeleton archers. You will also be able to spawn new Mobs, such as the Grindstone Golem or Plank Golems. Every unit has its own use and function, so you will need to think ahead at who you bring into battle against the piglins.

Command. Construct. Conquer.

Multiplayer will very much be a thing in Minecraft Legends. Be it cooperating and helping each other out, or going against one another in PvP. Players can build and fortify a base, amass troops, and then wage war on each other, tearing down walls and stomping out the opposition. With blue team versus orange team, you will be able to have up to four people on each team. With the world still being procedurally generated, every game will have its own unique flavor about it. And to add an extra layer to the chaos, piglin’s will still be a factor in PvP matches.

Minecraft Legends is shaping up to be another cannonball in the gaming space. With what we’ve seen it could very well revolutionize what it means to make a real-time strategy action game. Time will tell and I look forward to telling you myself when the time comes.

Minecraft Legends will storm onto the scene April 18 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Xbox Series X/S.

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