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Everything we know about EXOPRIMAL

Experience the chaotic co-op action of EXOPRIMAL next month!

Revealed in March of 2022, EXOPRIMAL has had the eyes of the world on it leading up to its launch. A team-based game where you suit up into powerful Exosuits and face off against time traveling dinosaurs and your fellow pilots. Developed and Published by Capcom, we see numerous kinds of suits blasting, slashing, and charging through a colorful but destroyed landscape. What all is waiting for us on the isolated island of Bikitoa?

If you’re into the mecha scene, are an old fan of Dino-Crisis, or maybe you’re just a Jurassic Park enthusiast, you’re sure to find something you enjoy in this game. Suit up Pilot. This is everything we know about EXOPRIMAL.

What Happens in EXOPRIMAL?

The Year is 2043. A mysterious and unexplained outbreak of temporal wormholes are appearing throughout the world, allowing dinosaurs to pour in and wreak havoc. Coming to humanities aid is the Aibius Corporation as they developer an AI called Leviathan that is capable of detecting and predicting the wormholes outbreaks. This new tech, along with the revolutionary EXO Suits, allows for humanity to stay one step ahead of the swarms and insure its survival. With the call for EXO Pilots in high demand, you must take the test to join the ranks of the EXO Fighters.

EXOPRIMAL is a third person shooter with a mission based gameplay flow. Early trailers and beta-testing showed players dashing around, setting up shields, and even flying in some cases. Fights against other teams are fast paced and dangerous, and fights against dinosaurs makes you feel powerful. Character Customization looks fairly in depth, giving you the chance to make a unique pilot for the story. You play design and play as Ace, the up and coming pilot wanting to join the ranks. The biggest draw in the game however is easily the Exosuits. So lets take a look at them.

Suit Up and Roll Out

Exosuits fall under three different designations, or classes. These classes fulfill one of the following rolls: Support, Tank, and Assault. Assault Exosuits specialize in dealing damage across all ranges, from short, to medium, to long range combat. Tank Exosuits specialize in absorbing damage from your allies, as well as drawing fire and aggro from the rest of the team. Support Exosuits have a myriad of abilities to aid in battle, from repairing other suits to applying buffs or debuffs in the middle of combat. While there are three classes, there are many more than three suits in each class. Each comes with their own weapons and abilities that make them unique, allowing you to specialize for the mission with the right loadout.

Currently there are eight suits that we know of that you can play as in EXOPRIMAL. The Tank-Class Marusame, that uses a huge katana to deal damage to fields of enemies. The Support-Class Skywave, a suit that can fly and seems to focus on crowd control. The Assault-Class Deadeye, a good all-rounder suit that is most effective at medium to long range. The Assault-Class Zephyr, having a high mobility and focus on melee combat. The Tank-Class Roadblock, having a massive shield and high durability. The Support-Class Witchdoctor, able to buff and repair your allies in battle. The Assault-Class Barrage, a suit that specializes in grenades and other explosives for combat. And lastly Assault-Class Vigilant, utilizing a long range sniper rifle and positioning utilities.

Missions, Objectives, Classes and Suits, oh my

Dino Survival seems to be the main game mode inside of EXOPRIMAL. Two squads of five compete in a race against each other. Complete objectives by Leviathan, and race against the other team to complete your mission. These can range from fighting the enemy team, to banding together to take down a major boss. These missions and objectives can change depending on how far you are in the story. Said story segments can be unlocked by playing Dino Survival, as well as serving as ways to level up your Exo Pilot and Exosuits.

Currently Missions can take the form of various challenges. Escort, where you must protect an NPC from one point to another. Dino Pursuit, where you must hunt down and dispatch a dinosaur threat. Dinosaur Cull, where you have to hunt down a specific type and number of dinosaur. VTOL Defense, where you have to protect a grounded VTOL from attacking dinosaurs. Data Key, which has you escorting a payload to a location. Omega Charge, where you have to use the Omega Hammer to destroy specific objectives. Energy Taker, where you battle the opposing team and take their energy for your own. And finally Neo T-Rex, a unique mission that has you join forces with the opposing team and take down a mutated and powerful T-Rex.

EXOPRIMAL takes a bite out of your console next month!

More information about EXOPRIMAL is as follows. Missions without direct combat between players where victory is determined by clearing the PvE objectives as fast as possible. 10-player co-op missions with a variety of objectives and even fiercer dinosaurs. 5-player missions that rotate weekly with global leaderboards for fastest completion time. Equipment called Modules that allow for deeper customization of exosuit capabilities. And Exosuit skins, weapon skins, decals, emotes, and other cosmetic options. There is also talk of Seasonal content, which could imply a Season Pass. And they have expressed intent of collaborations with other Capcom Titles. So who knows, you might see a Mega Man ExoSuit in the future. Or a mission where you have to fight a Rathalos from Monster Hunter.

EXOPRIMAL is gearing up to be a wild ride. Set to release this June, Capcom has been updating their site with cool previews of whats to come. How will this new IP stand amongst the other titles in Capcoms Library? Time will tell. In the mean time, lets get ready to take on this Tornadosaurus of a game. The forecast says its raining raptors, it’s time to suit up.

EXOPRIMAL is slated to release on July 14 PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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