Doom 32X Resurrection fan mod is definitive Doom experience

The fan-made patch features several gameplay fixes and additions — as well as a new, much-improved soundtrack.

For SEGA 32X fans who want the definitive DOOM experience on the console, you’re in luck! DOOM 32X Resurrection, a fan-made patch for the port, just launched its 1.2a version and brings a bunch of improvements and additions to the port.

The D32XR Team, led by programmer Victor Luchits, has altered the 32X port of DOOM to smooth out the game experience, bring back cut content, and (most importantly) fix the original’s god-awful music. These programmers completely replaced the original engine and overhauled the port with changes and new features.

Their efforts lead to a game that’s much more faithful to the original PC version of the game. DOOM 32X Resurrection is a major improvement over the retail 32X port — and considering this is a fan work, that’s even more impressive.

DOOM 32X Resurrection Gameplay
Source: SEGA Lord X

Why you need to check out DOOM 32X Resurrection?

The original port of DOOM for the 32X, a conversion of the Atari Jaguar version, was a passable but markedly inferior version of the classic shooter thanks to SEGA rushing to meet its release date. Not only was the entire third chapter missing (which even the Jaguar version had), but numerous sound effects were missing, there was no multiplayer, and the game didn’t fill the entire screen. Plus, there’s the music; a butchered, crunchy version of the amazing DOOM soundtrack. It needs to be heard to be believed.

Thankfully, DOOM 32X Resurrection shows that the console is more than capable of delivering the game you’d expect. The D32XR Team has taken care to improve on the port, with new rendering modes, added saving, sprite direction fixes, and three different drawing modes among other major and minor fixes. Critically, the patch also adds the levels missing from the Jaguar version which are now selectable on the main menu.

Of particular note is the new soundtrack, sequenced and reorchestrated by Spoony Bard. The patch allows you to choose between Spoony Bard’s new FM Synth soundtrack (which sounds miles ahead of the original 32X music), playing music off of an attached SEGA CD, or going with no music at all.

DOOM 32X Resurrection is available as a patch for the 32X port of DOOM over on You can also see the port in action courtesy of SEGA Lord X on YouTube. The patch is fully compatible with Kega Fusion 3.64, on a real 32X console, and via the EverDrive; full details can be found on the release page.

Have you tried out this new 32X DOOM project? Let us know what you think of it!

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