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Despite the rumors, Amazon is not acquiring EA

Rumors circulated on Friday that Amazon was acquiring EA — which were debunked the same day.

Not too long ago, reports circulated that Electronic Arts was looking for buyers. The company has had a storied and sometimes controversial history in the video game industry, and given its huge status, it would understandably be a huge target for acquisition. One of the rumored buyers of EA is the mega-corporation Amazon.

The company has been named as a potential buyer for EA before, but GLHF and For the Win reported that Amazon was expected to announce the buyout on Friday. However, this rumor was later debunked as CNBC reporter David Faber cited the lack of any official evidence. “I have talked to some people who would actually know if there’s something going on,” Faber said, “and they say there’s nothing going on.”

Given the live-wire state of video game acquisitions, it’s no shock that there’d inevitably be some false leads. There’s no indication that Amazon won’t ever buy EA, but if they plan to, it’s not in the cards right now.

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Inside the Amazon / EA acquisition rumors

Rumors have been circulating about an Amazon-EA acquisition since the reports on EA looking for a buyer went live. This latest confirmation-turned-false-start alleged that Amazon and EA were ready to announce a deal, but this was later revealed to by untrue.

A consequence of this rumor is EA’s fluctuating stock price. EA’s stock rose by 15 percent following the initial story. However, it has already started to fall since the stock market closed on Friday. We’ll see the full effect of this announcement when the market opens up again on Monday.

Amazon has dipped its pockets into the gaming sphere over the years, with major purchases like Twitch and the launch of its MMO New World in 2021. Grabbing EA would be a major purchase for Amazon for sure. Until either company officially moves forward with a plan, however,

What do you think of these EA acquisition rumors? Who do you think will acquire EA, if anybody? Let us know!

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