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‘Darts of the Dead’ trademarked by Sega

Our friends over at SegaBits received word that a revival, of sorts, regarding Sega’s classic House of the Dead franchise could be in the works. A Nintendo source claims Sega has filed the trademark dubbed, Darts of the Dead.

However, the trademark has been confirmed in English only. As SegaBits states, this isn’t the first time Sega has produced a House of the Dead spin-off. For instance, the popular Typing of the Dead spin-offs have landed on Dreamcast and PC in the past.

Whether this is any indication of a new House of the Dead experience on arcades, mobile, or consoles is unknown. One thing is for certain—expect darts and the undead! If Darts of the Dead is any reminder of Typing of the Dead: Overkill then count me in!

Source: Segabits

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