Dark Souls 3 servers are finally back online

It’s only been 7 months.

We thought this day would never come. After the discovery of a dangerous hack, FromSoftware stepped in and shut down all the Dark Souls PC servers. Since then, the Dark Souls servers have been sadly quiet. That is, until now. Yes, you’re reading this correctly: Dark Souls 3 servers for PC are officially back online. Back to invasions!

Dark Souls 3 servers return

Countless Dark Souls fans have been patiently waiting for the return of the servers. After a tweet from the series’ official twitter account, things seemed dire for the PC Souls servers. In the tweet, they shared the unfortunate news that the servers wouldn’t return until after Elden Ring’s February 25th release. If you look at the calendar, that was many, many months ago.

Since then, fans found themselves constantly asking when the servers would actually return. With Elden Ring soaking up all of FromSoftware’s attention, every passing day seemed dire. There were even users in the replies posting a tweet every day awaiting the status of the servers, from daily pictures of Siegmeyer of Catarina to just counting the days. Finally, those users rest easy knowing Dark Souls 3 servers return.

In the official tweet from the Souls twitter, they announced the triumphant return of the Dark Souls 3 servers. All online features for the PC version of the game has now been reactivated. They thank everyone for their patience and support after many long months of waiting.

What about the other Souls titles?

Unfortunately, this victory only exists for the last title in the series, not the previous two. While the tweet gave no mention of a specific date the other servers would return to online capabilities, it’s possible it’ll be sometime soon now that Dark Souls 3 is back up and running.

Despite some of the servers being back, some fans seem unhappy with how long everything took. And honestly, that’s fair enough; it took 214 days for just one of the game’s servers to return. Well, what can you do? At least they’re back online now, even if it took way too long to happen. Better that than letting the servers die quietly into the void.

It’s time to celebrate your victory, Souls fans. Break out those builds you’ve been sitting on and get to invading!

Erin Vieira

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