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Dangerous Seed is the newest addition to Arcade Archives

You can play this retro shooter now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

Hamster Co. added Namco‘s arcade title Dangerous Seed yesterday to its ongoing Arcade Archives series.

Originally released for arcades in 1989, Dangerous Seed is a vertically-scrolling shooter. Across its multiple visually surreal levels, players pilot the “Moon Diver” fighter. The fighter consists of three ships that you can combine and transform into a powerful configuration. Across its unique levels, you’ll also need to shoot your way through a myriad of bizarre alien enemies.

Dangerous Seed gameplay

While the game primarily focuses on single-player gameplay, it also features an alternating turn two-player mode. Although this title may not be as well known as other Namco classics, its unique visuals and cool music makes it a title worth playing.

About Arcade Archives

Arcade Archives is a downloadable content series by Hamster that reproduces a number of arcade classics. The series allows players to change multiple game settings including difficulty. In addition, Arcade Archives lets players recreate the atmosphere of arcade display settings. The Arcade Archives series also includes an online leaderboard so that players from all over the world can compete to get the high score.

Hamster’s Arcade Archives series began in 2014 with the release of RYGAR on PlayStation 4. Since then, they have continued reproducing a number of classic arcade games for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. However, some titles are exclusive to certain platforms. You can also view the entire collection of games in the series for each platform on the official website.

Blast your way through Dangerous Seed now!

Arcade Archives Dangerous Seed is now available for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The retro shooter costs $7.99 on either platform.

Have you played this weirdly cool arcade classic? Let us know below!

Via Nintendo Everything

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