Crystal Dynamics reveals 590 rare Tomb Raider collectible cards

These rare cards would definitely be worth raiding!

Development studio Crystal Dynamics recently unveiled 590 cards from Tomb Raider: The Collectible Card Game.

The unearthed cards include ones from the base game, as well as from both expansion packs. Crystal Dynamics provided the collectibles to Tomb Raider Chronicles for publication. The website keeps detailed archives of historical artifacts and data about the Tomb Raider franchise.

Precedence Entertainment released Tomb Raider: The Collectible Card Game in 1999. Following its initial launch, two expansion packs released: Slippery When Wet and Big Guns. Precedence Entertainment originally planned a third expansion pack. However, because of production and licensing issues, they chose to discontinue the game.

Tomb Raider cards

Tomb Raider: The Collectible Card Game was a very unique card game. By incorporating room tiles, dice and player pawns, the game felt more like a hybrid of a board and card game. Players took on the role of Lara Croft or a rival raider and competed to find the treasure hidden within the level. Levels were comprised of location cards and were fully customizable.

Each player had a personal deck of cards to help traverse the level and move their pawn between different locations. During the game, players would encounter obstacles including wild animals and traps. The object of the game was to be the first raider to make it to the treasure room.

Tomb Raider: The Collectible Card Game remains a relic in the franchise’s storied history. Based on the first three video games, many cards capture artwork and models directly from the source material. In addition, some cards even held original art of their own. The rare archived cards on Tomb Raider Crhonicles are certainly worth checking out for any fan of the series.

via Tomb Raider Chronicles

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