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CreatorVC Announces Kickstarter Date For FPS Documentary

It’s fair to say must of you have heard of the FPS Genre. From its first steps in Maze War to rising popularity through Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM, all the way to now where the genre is a dominant force in the gaming space, with even SEGA preparing to throw their hat into the ring. However, the FPS is a genre with a storied history spanning over 45 years, with many tales to be shared.

We reported earlier in the year that CreatorVC fancied themselves up to the task of telling that story. With a variety of documentaries including 80s horror focused In Search of Darkness under their belt, FPS will be their first video games’ focused documentary.

Complete with a pair of new trailers, CreatorVC have announced that their Kickstarter for the project will go live on June 29. It’s not yet clear what the funding goal will be, but with the promise of backer goods, it’ll be well worth keeping an eye on when it goes live.

With the documentary hoping to delve deep into the genre, from past to present, it looks to be a must see.

What FPS game are you hoping to see get some spotlight? Give us a shout down below.

George Boulos

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