Caitlyn Visual Update hitting the League of Legends Rift in November

The Sheriff of Piltover returns ready for battle with a new model.

With the hype surrounding the upcoming League of Legends Netflix show Arcane, Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, receives a much needed Art & Sustainability Update in an upcoming League of Legends patch. The Caitlyn Visual Update includes her model, rig, animations, and some VFX, which have all been reworked to match the champion’s character.

Caitlyn was first released on the Rift ten years ago in 2011 as an ADC marksman. Her overall role and intention hasn’t changed much, and her kit has remained steady throughout the years. However, with the old model struggling to match the champion’s character and new lore building up, Caitlyn’s been in dire need of an ASU.

What changes come with Caitlyn’s new look?

It’s clear a lot of care has been put into updating this champion. Released at the end of October, Caitlyn’s Champion Theme showcases all the various skins that received new art to match the updated model, all while being accompanied by blazing horns and violins. Skins like Officer Caitlyn have turned from her having an impractical skirt and a crop top to a much more realistic wardrobe—and she still looks stunning while wearing it.

Old Officer Caitlyn on the left wearing a cropped police shirt and a miniskirt, with bullet shells strapped to her thigh. New Officer Caitlyn on the right in a much more practical uniform, with full-length trousers and a top with a harness.
Officer Caitlyn splash art: old vs new

For those who want a more in-depth look at the champion’s update, Riot released model comparisons on November 2. With her new model on top and the old on bottom, it’s easy to see just how much her design has improved. Bullet casings fly away from her rifle as she shoots back smoothly—a large difference between the two frames of her original auto attack animation. Along with the design changes, Caitlyn’s voice updated with new lines in references to lore, with voice actress Kirsten Potter reprising the role. All in all, Caitlyn’s update surpasses expectations as a work of art.

All Caitlyn skins affected by the ASU:

  • Classic Caitlyn
  • Resistance Caitlyn
  • Sheriff Caitlyn
  • Safari Caitlyn
  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn
  • Officer Caitlyn
  • Headhunter Caitlyn
  • Lunar Wraith Caitlyn
  • Pool Party Caitlyn
  • Arcade Caitlyn
  • Prestige Arcade Caitlyn

When does the Caitlyn Visual Update release?

The Caitlyn Visual Update is currently available on the PBE and releases on the Rift soon. While no exact release date has been given, it’s possible it will be released for Patch 11.23 on November 23, 2021. To coincide with the release of Arcane, she may even hit the rift sooner, as the RiotX Arcane event starts November 6 with the League Worlds Finale. Regardless of when she comes out, I’m eager to pick up Caitlyn’s new look when she finally arrives.

Erin Vieira

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