Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod adds split-screen play

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Nintendo may be putting all their focus on Breath of the Wild 2, but that doesn’t mean the first installment of the game has slowed down in the mod community. With the game continuing to receive consistent new mods and mod updates, someone stepped up to make a particularly exciting one. One of the latest mods features a Breath of the Wild multiplayer split-screen feature.

Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod

It’s been a dream for years to enter the vast world of Zelda: BOTW and explore it with a friend (or 3 friends). Imagine being able to sneak into a bokoblin camp, one player jump out to distract them while the other players lays a trap from behind. Imagine being able to have shield races down the icy cliffs for the best time. Imagine working together with your best friend to obtain what it takes to take down Ganon. This mod makes all that and more a reality!


The multiplayer split-screen mod was developed by Kirbymimi and featured in a video by Waikuteru, who showed off its features. Its split-screen mode looks quite similar to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, as is typical for split-screen Switch games.

Not two, not three, but four players all have the opportunity to play simultaneously together. However, the developer notes limitations do exist: all players must share the screen with the first player. Of course, if the TV isn’t very big, that can make things difficult. To combat this, Kirbymimi added a button to teleport everyone to the first player to stick together. The modder intends to continue working on this feature for a split screen to be implemented.

When can I download it?

The beta of the mod will be available in just one day on July 29, 2022, via Discord server or mod site. Unfortunately, the mod is designed to be local multiplayer only. If you’re not sitting with a friend in-person, then I’m afraid you might be out of luck. The developer suggests using an app like Parsec to play remotely if local may not suit your needs.

It’s exciting to see more mod advancements in the Breath of the Wild community. Combine this with some character model mods and you could have a full party of, say, the four champions. Nothing like new mods to keep you going while waiting for Breath of the Wild 2!

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